Desk Clock Airplane, Top View.

With Hi-Wing Airplane

Decorative - Artistic - Useful - Functional

Beautiful "Wood Intaglio" Craft Work Depicting a "Cessna Type" Airplane Flying Over Mountains and Between Clouds, This Desk Clock is in Good Working Condition and Keeps Accurate Time.

Desk Clock Airplane, Rear View. The Back Side is Equally Decorative and as Well Finished as the Front.

Behind the Clock There's a Hole; Insert a Pin in It to Push the Clock Out When in Need to Change the Battery or Adjust the Time.

The Clock Has a New Battery and Comes With Operating Instructions. The Only Thing Missing is the Original Box!

Dimensions and Specifications:
  • Full Unit:
    Approx. 7 1/8" Wide.
    Approx. 1 3/4" Deep.
    Approx. 5 3/4" Tall.
    Solid Wood Body.
  • Base:
    Approx. 7 1/8" Wide.
    Approx. 1 3/4" Deep.
    Approx. 5/8" Thick.
  • Clock:
    Approx. 1 1/4" Inner Diameter.
    Approx. 1 7/16" Outer Diameter.
    Quartz Movement.
    Made in Hong Kong.
  • Pre-Owned or Display Item.
    Instructions Included.
    No Original Box.

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    Desk Clock Airplane, Front View.

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