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Souvenir Key Chain

Each Unit is Serial Numbered and Carries the Official Vatican
Iubilaeum 2000 Seal

Especially Made to Commemorate and Celebrate Serial Numbered Seal the Jubilee 2000 Holy Year, This Key Chain Features the Official Iubilaeum 2000 Symbol
as Well as the Official Vatican Seal and Serial Number on the Packing.

The Vatican Has Committed 15% of the Proceeds From the Sale of All
Jubilee Items To the International Solidarity Fund.

Keychain, Logo and Seal Made In Italy by "ART METAL, spa" With ZAMA (a Metal Alloy Similar to German Silver) The KeyChain Features Etched Lettering "IUBILAEUM - A.D. 2000", The Official Jubilee 2000 Symbol With Five Interlaced Peace Doves Over a Deep Blue Enamel Background on One Side and a Second Symbol, in Relief, on the Other Side. The Golden Medal is Positioned Inside a "Swivel Design" White Metal Circle.

The Keychain Is Approx. 4 1/2 Inches in Total Length and Approx. 1 1/2" Wide at the Outer Circle. The Medal is Approx. 1 1/8" in Diameter. The Key Ring is Approx. 7/8" Wide by 1 1/2" Long and it Has a "Screw Type" Safety Lock.
The Outer Circle is a "Designer" Concept and It Has No Practical Purpose.

History And Meaning of the Jubilee

The Term Jubilee, From the Hebrew Ybhl, Refers to the Ram's Horn Used to Play Joyful Sounds. (Leviticus, 25)

The Jubilee is the Celebration of an Especially Joyous Anniversary. The Roman Catholic Church Celebrates the Anniversary of the Birth of Christ. The Jubilee 2000 Has Been Declared a Holy Year. A Year of Pilgrimage, Plenary Indulgence, Spiritual Rebirth and Generous Love From God and To God.

The Jubilee 2000 Symbol

Jubilee Symbol

The Symbol on the Jubilee Well Represents the Globalization of the Christian Message:

The Central Part, In Dark Blue, Represents the Globe Over Which, As if Wrapping It, Dominates the Cross.

The Five Doves, of Different Colors, Represent the Five Continents.

From the Center of the Cross Comes a Bright Light, Symbol of Christ
"True Light of the World"
As it is Indicated by the Words: "Christus Heri, Hodie, Semper"
(Christ Yesterday, Today, Always).

The Intertwining of the Doves Represents the Spirit of Unity Among the
Children of God and the Hope of Reconciliation Among the People.

The Cross is a Reminder that Christ Died to
Save us All.

The Three Multicolor Lines That Compose It, Recall the
Mystery of the Trinity.

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